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day off music single cover jazzygold

"Day off" is the fourth single that we’ve gotten from jazzygold this year. She has talked about different stages of heartbreaks and dying her hair red because of it, and on her last single she talked about feeling lonely and sorry for yourself at afterparties. This time she’s releasing a song that sticks out from that.


Her newest single is called day off and was written on one of those days she didn’t really feel like going to the studio but she went anyways and wrote a song about it instead of feeling bad about it. 


Jazzygold says this about  her newest single:

"We’re in the darker days at this point and it can get hard to be productive, feel inspired and get out of your bed, especially if you’re from the Faroe Islands where the winters are long. Day off is a reminder to myself and everyone else who can relate that it should be okay to take a day off, or a week, or years or a whole lifetime if that’s what you need to feel better. You have to prioritize yourself and your mental health because no one else is gonna do it for you."


The song also touches the subject of feeling guilt by having a day off.

Jazzygold continues:

"I can often feel bad when i don’t do shit cause it feels like i’m falling behind so i end up using the whole day to stress about those thoughts AND still not doing shit, instead of just saying ‘’okay, something inside of me says that i need to log off for a bit and maybe just be in my feelings or watch tiktoks all day and that’s fine’’. I’m still learning all of these things cause they’re very hard to balance."

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lonely afterparties single cover jazzygold

Introducing Lonely Afterparties: Jazzygold’s latest single dives into the post-night out experience, resonating with those who crave the continuation of the high but find themselves stuck in lackluster afterparties. This track serves as a perfect companion, offering comfort and empathy to those nursing hangovers and feeling left out, providing a soundtrack that understands and soothes during those moments of self-pity. Jazzygold invites listeners to embrace vulnerability and find solace in the relatable journey depicted in “Lonely Afterparties,” where the longing for a never-ending night meets the reality of the morning after.

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dyed my hair red single cover jazzygold

‘’dyed my hair red’’ is the second release from jazzygold.

We all feel like dying our hair red at some mental break point in our lives. The feeling is short, but sweet and can feel like a new beginning, for a while. Enraged and heartbroken, jazzygold proves that this is the fuck-you soundtrack you’ve been missing.


Over a year ago jazzy felt she was going insane over some guy and had reached her breaking point. This led to her dying her hair red hoping it would help, but it didn’t.


The song’s about getting past that first stage of sadness after a heartbreak and entering the second stage: anger.

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boring like me single cover jazzygold
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