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flaming music RnB soulpop

Jazzygold writes about life in her 20’s, too much partying, too many hangovers. Too many heartaches, panicking and dying your hair red. Being tired of your friends and hoping for new beginnings: Dive into the complex life of a 20-something-year-old living her best life. Jazzygold melts RnB and soulpop perfectly while being honest and real and it definitely shows in her voice, lyrics, music, and visuals.

Jazzy herself is from the Faroe Islands with roots in Kenya and as a woman of colour, she didn’t really have anyone to mirror herself in when she was little and that’s one of the reasons she wanted to start this project as well. She wants the younger generation in her country and around the world to relate to her music and see someone who looks like her make it in the "real world’’, even though you’re from a tiny little place called the Faroe Islands.

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